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July 27, 2016

Cheeky to say, there’s really not much to it.

Here’s what I did, and you can do it, too.

I came up with a list of friends (and friends of friends, because at my age, I’m not so shy anymore) who I guessed might want to hang out and mend something. Just guessing! I sent them all an email (using bcc because I wanted to be sensitive) inviting them to come to the first meeting of the Mending Club. My full note is below.

Guess what? People came! And even more said they’d come next time. And every time I mention Mending Club (which happens routinely when I wear my madly darned sweater dress) someone says, hey, can I play, too? Of course! I’m kind of banking on the fact that everyone is SO busy that we’ll usually be a small group, although if it turns into a mad swarm, a mending rave, I’m down with that.

One thing really surprised me. I’d promised snacks and some supplies. Yet everyone, no exceptions, got right down to their self-chosen mending task, had their own materials and tools, and were too busy to eat! Lots of leftovers.



Here’s the letter I sent:

The time is now. Right?!

I’m starting a mending club.
It meets on the second Tuesday of each month.
First meeting is Tuesday, January 12, 7.30-10pm.
[Address goes here.]
Please join me! Please feel free to invite buddies and friends!
What’s it all about? Personally, I like fixing stuff and I thought it’d be extra fun to do some fixing in the company of you. Maybe you, too, have something°° that wants some attention, craves repair, patching, soothing…and maybe you’re more likely to get around to it or better embrace the process among friends. Visible mendingencouraged…over-the-top-high-skill invisible mending will be honored.
**** Cool rumor: we might have a Mender who wants to teach us how to sharpen our scissors. Bring scissors! I’m not making promises but I will be preparing my two whetstones to be ready. ****
If you’re all thumbs but have something that wants mending, come and hang out and bribe us with snacks and I bet someone will be happy to help. We’ll figure it out. I’ll supply beverages and some snacks just in case you all come with your super handiness.
I’d be grateful for RSVPs. Happy 2016!
PS I’m sending this out as an email for now. I’ll probably switch to something a little more RSVP and other-inclusive system for next month.
°° Could be metaphysical or spiritual, if you want, though my thinking around this is pretty rooted in the material world.
Anything you have that needs fixing, if it’s portable you can totally bring it to the Mending Club! We can possiblymend it on the spot or plan a mending club in the near future around that particular kind of mends. You may know that I veer towards textiles, I nevertheless love the idea of fixing small appliances, wood objects, games, shoes…small, non-toxic things for most meetings. (Dreams: A couple times a year, perhaps we can do big things…organize house calls…have a furniture fest…).
Here at my house, there are lots of fabric scraps, thread and hand needles, 2 reasonably functional sewing machines, some yarn and more. If you have supplies* you want to share, please do bring them.
* supplies that might be handy
knitting needles
crochet needles
embroidery floss
yarn of different weights and colors
particular fabric scraps
seam ripper
soldering iron
various types of wire
special screwdrivers (star shaped bit, anyone?)
If you’re interested in looking into the wonderful world of menders, a good place to start is with one of my favorite menders, Tom of Holland, whom I met at a mending conference. His blog can be found here: http://tomofholland.com/



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