LOGO REMOVAL SERVICES (L.R.S.) excises unwanted brand names, logos, tags, stains, marks etc.

In their stead, we create new and magical shapes, using fresh colors and contrasting thread. We leave edges beautifully raw, protected from fraying with our signature ‘double-time’ stitching.

As of spring equinox, 2015, L.R.S. is happy to include a smattering of goods from SubOptimal Products!


April 13, 2014

I just read this article in the New York Times:

Can a Pop-Up Service Fix It?

Way to go! Mending!! Still, the Logo Removal Service has a critical mind.

The following lines caught my attention:

This itinerant repair shop run by an ad hoc group of theater professionals and tinkerers is equal parts practical service and philosophical resistance to the “cycle of use-and-discard,” as the sandwich sign in front of its Greenmarket table proclaims.


But they quickly realized that their client base was broader.

“People were attached to their things,” said Ms. Goldmark, who has become an eloquent proponent of what she called “the stuff movement,” inspired in part by “The Story of Stuff,” a documentary film by Annie Leonard that traces material goods from manufacture to disposal. “For us it was heartening. Decades into planned obsolescence, there is still this resistance to throwing things out.” The service has yet to break even, though.

Italics are mine, clearly. The pop-up mending service took in about 52 items one afternoon at their market table, took care of about 35, charging not at all (sewing on buttons), $15 – $35. This last amount was to repair a chair a carpenter would have charged $200 to fix. Small wonder they don’t break even: they’re fixing things at a price competitive with planned obsolescence.

Semi-volunteer activity. This is a wonderful thing and also troublesome as we’d like them to be paid, ummm, a living wage whatever that may be. New York is expensive to live in, isn’t it? Even in the outer boroughs…

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