LOGO REMOVAL SERVICES (L.R.S.) excises unwanted brand names, logos, tags, stains, marks etc.

In their stead, we create new and magical shapes, using fresh colors and contrasting thread. We leave edges beautifully raw, protected from fraying with our signature ‘double-time’ stitching.

As of spring equinox, 2015, L.R.S. is happy to include a smattering of goods from SubOptimal Products!


October 11, 2015

I really can’t tell you how it happened but on that fabulous social media platform, Instagram, the Logo Removal Service found the artist Jovi Schnell’s feed. Such an array of delicious, strange, provocative paintings. (Follow her, oh do! @jovischnell). Jovi and the Logo Removal Service fell naturally into a dialog of images. And before you know it, there was a visible vibration that between Jovi’s work and what happens here. One day, LRS went to Jovi’s studio…with the LRS shirt Jovi had picked out from the website. She put it on and stood in front of one of her works…and isn’t that enough? Well, it’s more than enough and it’s also just the beginning.

LRS-Jovi-and-painting-and-LRS LRS #101 green with multistripe, verso

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