LOGO REMOVAL SERVICES (L.R.S.) excises unwanted brand names, logos, tags, stains, marks etc.

In their stead, we create new and magical shapes, using fresh colors and contrasting thread. We leave edges beautifully raw, protected from fraying with our signature ‘double-time’ stitching.

As of spring equinox, 2015, L.R.S. is happy to include a smattering of goods from SubOptimal Products!


May 25, 2013

Earlier this week, East Bay artist Ali Dadgar joined Logo Removal Service founder Miriam Dym for a late afternoon coffee.

Ali brought up the idea of censorship in connection with the Logo Removal Service. This launched a mildly involved conversation. Ali had noticed a visual and conceptual resemblance between his project Print Culture and what we do here at L.R.S.

Ali has (or had? I’m asking you, Ali.) a practice of going through sheets of newspaper and, well, censoring the content by covering it up.* Back in Ali’s native country, the government routinely covers “undesirable,” to them, untenable, images and texts in magazines and other print sources.

L.R.S. and Ali Dadgar share an interest in using formal aesthetic tools to permanently remove content, to permanently alter, to call attention to the unwanted. The results in both cases are art. Yet L.R.S. works as a maker of likely harmless quotidian objects while Dadgar’s censored newspapers reminds us of the terrible costs of losing free speech.

*Is covering something up such that it cannot be uncovered the same as removing? Effectively, yes. If we were an oppressive government, would we be content with that or would we continue in the pattern set already, full removal of the unwanted, offending logo, stain, what-have-you?

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