LOGO REMOVAL SERVICES (L.R.S.) excises unwanted brand names, logos, tags, stains, marks etc.

In their stead, we create new and magical shapes, using fresh colors and contrasting thread. We leave edges beautifully raw, protected from fraying with our signature ‘double-time’ stitching.

As of spring equinox, 2015, L.R.S. is happy to include a smattering of goods from SubOptimal Products!


December 11, 2013

The tailor slew 10 flies with one blow and gave everyone the impression that he’d slain 10 men. Everyone quaked in their boots.

Logo Removal Service sent 4 off to LRS fans in London.

3 out of 4

4 what? Containers? Boxes? Dozen? 4 Logo Removal shirts! Ha!

It sounds peculiar to us, over here at Logo Removal Service, to crank out 4 containers worth of Logo Removal since everything we do here is so hands-on… Although there are certainly more than 4 containers-worth of unpleasantly logo’ed shirts (and other things) in the world. Hmmm.

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