LOGO REMOVAL SERVICES (L.R.S.) excises unwanted brand names, logos, tags, stains, marks etc.

In their stead, we create new and magical shapes, using fresh colors and contrasting thread. We leave edges beautifully raw, protected from fraying with our signature ‘double-time’ stitching.

As of spring equinox, 2015, L.R.S. is happy to include a smattering of goods from SubOptimal Products!

Logo Removal Service offers custom Removals, Replacements and Transformations.

We are happy to do one item or many. Prices typically range from $25–$45 per item. This includes up to three removals plus replacement materials. Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. You can use our Gift Certificates, too.

Live Performances!

One of our favorite things is to perform Logo Removal live and in person. We can set up our service—for a day or two or three—any place with electricity. Please get in touch about having Logo Removal at an event. (Even without electricity, Logo Removal is totally possible. It's just our staff doesn't have expertise with treadle sewing machines.)

We'd love to hear from you!

What you can get:

Logos on any garment, of any material, removed and replaced. L.R.S. can happen for many items—all your leftover shirts from this year’s conference—or single ones. Since we never repeat, every item will be different than the others. We apply L.R.S. on other things, too, including umbrellas, automobiles, strollers, and more. We’ll work with you to find a solution.

About pricing.

Every business works out their own rubric to figure out pricing, some combination of the actual costs and the perceived (or desired) value of the good or service. Maybe, as with raw materials, it's what the market will bear or what corporate cabals have agreed upon. (And all raw materials are, in fact, limited, even if it's hard to tell.)

If we were high tech, we might set up a form that allowed you to see our rubric, maybe something like this: LRS-customorder-flow-big

Someday. Meanwhile...Since we figured out what we were doing, Logo Removal Service has wrestled with establishing "best" pricing. While our materials typically range from inexpensive to free, Logo Removals require the dedicated time of an specially trained human being. The basic technique is, you may have noted, simple enough. Less obvious, however, is how to generate these wild, awfully-close-to-abstract-painting shapes and color combinations.

Logo Removal Service prices finished items and custom services (for sale on this site and during our performances) at rates that encourages us to make more. Still working on it.